Rwanda to seek alternative to SEACOM

Teams cable (photo source:
Telecoms service provider Rwandatel is looking into negotiating an alternative route for undersea fibre optic connectivity through the TEAMS cable, following SEACOM’s power outage last month.

Rwandatel confirmed its discussions in securing access to the TEAMS cable, which crosses Tanzania via Burundi, to Rwanda’s Kigali, this according to the country’s daily, The New Times.

“We have also added on our bandwidth so that next time if SEACOM is down we have enough capacity. We intend to connect with Tanzania so that the problem of disconnection is over”, said Issiaka Maiga Hamidou, the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Although last month’s Internet disruptions caused by damage to SEACOM’s cable were resolved, Rwandatel’s decision to take on another cable system is based on providing additional capacity, slash prices, reduce complete reliance on SEACOM in case of further failures and reduce the high maintenance costs of its microwave connection system.

According to Hamidou, the discussions include the Rusomo border being the landing point and the entire roll out scheduled from the border to the capital Kigali.

Rwandatel is Rwanda’s dominating telecoms company, with an Internet data market share of 65% coverage.