Former IS director joins IT consulting company

Collen Mashawana, executive director at Vharanani Consulting Services
Public sector specialist and former Internet Solutions (IS) director, Collen Mashawana, has recently joined Vharanani Consulting Services as executive director responsible for driving revenue and business development.

Mashawana previously worked in multinational companies and is currently shareholder and board member in various organizations. He joined Vharanani Consulting in 2009, where he was also a board member and shareholder.

In his new role, Mashawana will focus on assisting Government in its service delivery, providing the right IT requirements, business objectives and budgets.

“I have always maintained that in order to get a good understanding of Government departments, it is critical to look at their budgets to realize where the biggest needs are. Only by understanding the role that technology plays in service delivery, is it possible to provide solutions that meet the needs of Government and also support any service delivery objectives”, commented Mashawana on his new appointment.

Vharanani Consulting Services (VCS) is a 100% black owned company that provides IT consulting and project management services to national, provincial and local Government, including state-owned entities.

The company offers a range of services from managing projects to complete IT outsource. It includes assessment, design and implementation, management and support, security and disaster recovery.

‘Government has placed an increasing focus on service delivery and has realigned its various departments in order to achieve this. As a service provider to Government, it is the job of Vharanani Consulting Services to support Government in its quest”, he concludes.