Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Google unveils app store for business

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Google has launched an online store dedicated to business applications, adding its voice to the growing clamor for the adoption of cloud computing.

According to Cnet, Google is bringing the app store concept to business cloud computing, giving software developers a storefront for Google Apps customers. The store will act as a platform through which third-party developers can offer business services such as VoIP communication and network monitoring.

It is hoped that organisations will use the service to find and purchase cloud software tools, while developers will be given access to a customer base expected to be 25 million-strong.

“The Web works best when everyone uses ‘best of breed’ tools and connects them using open standards”, said David Glazer, a Google engineering director.

Developers will have to pay a one-time $100 fee to list their applications in the store, and Google will get a 20 percent cut of all applications sold through the store

By promoting cloud computing services to companies, Google expects to generate more income from its non-search activities. The company’s revenue from non-advertising operations topped $762 million last year, up by more than 400% from $181 million in 2007.

Despite online initiatives, rival Microsoft is still banking on individual computer licenses of its Windows operating system and software programs.

Google’s next step is expected to be a Chrome OS that won’t need to operate on a local hard drive- functioning on Internet access and cloud-computing principles.

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