SAP SME World Tour comes to South Africa

May 26, 2009 • Enterprise IT

Business software giant SAP is hosting the South African edition of its “SAP SME World Tour” in Johannesburg tomorrow. The focus of the discussion will mainly be on the future of the small and medium enterprises sector under current negative global economic conditions.

Derek Kudsee, the director of SME business at SAP Africa will host the SME World Tour Media Breakfast where discussion will center around the “intelligent” business, and investments in the current economic meltdown. He will highlight how SAP is gearing this market up for success beyond the current economic crisis.

Says Raphala Mogase, a senior official at SAP: “The global markets have established and come to an understanding that the world is under recession, but we are also told that this recession will pass sooner or later. When that happens companies that have managed to fend themselves against this situation will surely emerge with new business models and strategies for the future. It is no secret that the SME market is the driving force of innovation and job creation in the economy but this is also the section of the economy that is facing most challenges.”

The SAP SME World Tour is a flagship event that hosts meetings in 50 SAP regions. This is the second time the event is presented in Africa, after its huge success last year.



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