McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection locally available


The dedicated McAfee division at Workgroup has announced the immediate availability of McAfee Anti-Theft File Protection, a security software solution that provides privacy and theft protection for valuable files stored on a PC.

By enabling PC users to lock their important files, such as bank statements, tax returns, business documents and even photos in a digital vault, Anti-Theft can safeguard them against identity and PC
thieves, hackers and others, says Andrea van der Westhuizen, McAfee product manager at Workgroup.
“Consumers and small business owners have more digital information on their PCs than ever before,” she says. McAfee research shows that nine out of ten consumers now keep personal information, such as wills, financial documents, identity numbers and passwords, on their PCs, and more than 50 percent would not want other people to see certain documents and files.

“With two million laptops stolen every year and someone’s identity stolen every two seconds, consumers and small businesses can now protect their sensitive information.”
McAfee Anti-Theft was designed to enable consumers and small businesses to use the product regardless of what security software they already have installed. McAfee has combined ease of use with data and information security to make it simple for everyone in the family or small business to quickly secure personal and sensitive information.