Monday, May 20, 2024
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Virtual Africa: A real possibility

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The Sun division at Workgroup, Horizon, has announced the results of a customer event held recently in Uganda, hosted locally by ComputerPoint and partnered by Sun Microsystems and VMware.

As virtualisation picks up traction across the globe, companies like Sun Microsystems and VMware stand to gain, and proprietary solution providers stands to lose™ was the general train of thought throughout with the reasons being that virtualisation reduces IT costs, while increasing efficiency with little desktop administration being required. Contemporary computer software applications are essential for business organisations and applications such as Sun Ray Thin Client and VMware virtualisation use low cost and low power devices that require no desktop administration.

Sun Ray clients do not need to be upgraded when new applications are introduced or more computing power becomes necessary and Sun Ray Thin Client enables users to access all mission critical information and applications, regardless of what hardware or operating system they reside on.

So says Bradley McCulloch, Sun product manager at Horizon who adds that virtualisation allows the user to have 10 virtual servers running on three physical servers maximising the use of physical servers and allowing new disaster recovery functions for critical applications.

“The user groups in attendance were shown exactly how the combination of virtualisation and Thin Client solutions create a synergy of hardware with the deployment of applications,”he says.

And Sun also demonstrated how the Sun Ray Virtual Display Client delivers an interoperable desktop computing solution that reduces the maintenance, upgrading and operation cost of most desktop environments.

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