Panda protection improves service delivery

Panda Security for Business has been selected by Nkonkobe Municipality in the Eastern Cape to provide exclusive protection for its network.

Panda was chosen because it was the only solution at the time that fixed all of the problems, says Bevan Hobbs, the MD of the Nkonkobe’s ISP, Procomp. “It found viruses that none of the other 10 different antivirus packages (including Norton and PC-Cillin) we tried could find and fixed the problems.

Hobbs explains that before Panda was purchased the municipality was forced to spend thousands of rands annually to fight the onslaught of viruses that were still slipping past their defences into the network of almost 70 PCs, including those operating remotely.

With the purchase of two Windows Servers Hobbs explains: The cost of updating the signature files on an individual basis was high [so] the natural progression was to put in a server-based solution.

Once we installed Panda Security for Business, problems were solved and Nkonkobe was happy, says Hobbs. Describing it as a
breeze to operate, he praises the security solution’s simplicity and the fact that it is very easy to maintain.

More importantly, though, the increased level of protection has ensured a vast decrease in PC downtime and ultimately, says Hobbs, an increase in productivity. Now that the network is sufficiently protected, the municipality can claim peace of mind, and its service delivery obligations to the community can continue unimpeded.

Alex Matthews, head of communications for Panda Security (South Africa) says: Panda is proud to able to assist local government in implementing its service delivery mandate through ensuring that IT
operations remain in a protected, virus-free environment.