Friday, April 12, 2024
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Zuku TV

Zuku Could Soon Be Releasing an Android TV-Ready Decoder

Satellite and fixed internet provider Zuku seems to be looking into releasing a decoder loaded with Android TV in the future, combined with Google Play and YouTube. The service is available in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi & Zambia. New images...

Uganda’s Pay-TV to replace GTV

Uganda’s GTV customers will have the chance to exchange their now-redundant decoders for newer versions as pay-TV is rolled out across the country. According to Mohamed Jeneby, MD of Wananchi Satellite Limited, Zuku TV will be changing its GTV decoders...
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Latest News

E- Tolls Dead, Tech lives on

E-Tolls Officially Abolished: South Africa E-tolls in Gauteng, South Africa are now officially gone. Last night at 12am all systems...
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