Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Orderin & Afrika Tikkun Launch Skills Initiative to Bring Jobs to SA Youths

Orderin and Afrika Tikkun Services have announced a new partnership in order to foster an employment ready ecosystem and combat rising unemployment rates in South Africa. With unemployment in South Africa hitting a new record high of 34.4% in the...

New Virtual Career Expo Aims to Prepare SA’s Youth for the Working World

These past few weeks have tested South Africans like never before. We’ve dealt with a third wave crippling our already-overburdened healthcare system; ongoing load shedding catapulting our country into darkness; the closure of certain sectors as a result of...

Youth skills development takes centre stage at opening of SAP Auditorium

“Africa’s large youth population and positive economic growth potential primes the continent to play a leading role in the Digital Economy. However, successfully navigating the complexities presented by vast amounts of data in today’s hyper-connected world requires excellent Science,...
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How Much Data Does Streaming Use?

Video streaming is the next big thing in the entertainment business. More consumers are developing a preference for streaming...
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