Monday, July 22, 2024
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Yahoo! News

Yahoo Answers to Shut Down in May

Yahoo Answers is officially being shut down after almost sixteen years of helping people around the world connect and share information. According to the platform's website, it will be available in read-only mode from 20 April 2021 and officially shut down...

3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Fake News

Spreading faster than any virus, all misinformation needs to reach us is one click, one-touch - reaching us in our homes as we survive lockdowns. Governments all over the world are desperately trying to curb fake news and its...

Yahoo! re-launches website in South Africa

Yahoo! has re-launched their South African portal, with a new Yahoo! homepage, new Yahoo! Mail and a new Yahoo! News section. South Africa currently has 2.6-million Yahoo! users, and with the new mail system, users will be able to...
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Latest News

6 Best Time Tracker Apps for Freelancers

A time tracker app allows freelancers to properly monitor the time they spend on a client's project. You can...
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