Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Xbox News

Xbox Series X Source Code Stolen and Held for $1-Million Ransom

A hacker has reportedly stolen the AMD graphics source code that the Xbox Series X runs on its next-generation GPUs and is asking for a $1-million ransom or else they'll leak the information online, reports Comicbook. Apparently the hacker obtained...

The PlayStation 5 Could be Sold at a Loss – Here’s Why:

Japanese electronics and entertainment conglomerate, Sony is struggling to come to a price for their new ninth-generation console, the PlayStation 5, due to scarce components and pressure to beat out rival, Microsoft. Over the past few months, the world is...
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Latest News

Youth Month Centre Tour 2024: Harambee

In honor of Youth Month, Harambee hosts a media tour at their center in Johannesburg, South Africa. A tour...
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