Monday, February 26, 2024
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Windows 11 Update

Don’t Want to Wait? Here’s How to Get Windows 11 Now

Windows 11, Microsoft's new operating system, was officially launched yesterday. However, users across the world with eligible PCs will have to wait as the new OS is being gradually rolled out across Windows 10-running PCs via a free update...

Windows 11’s Steep System Requirements – Can Your Machine Cut It?

Last week Thursday, Microsoft unveiled its latest and upcoming OS - Windows 11. The reveal took place during a virtual event hosted by the monolithic tech corporation. Windows 11 is a massive overhaul of Microsoft's existing OS, with new visuals,...

Windows 11 Has Leaked Revealing Brand New Start Menu, UI, and More

Microsoft's upcoming operating system, the much-rumoured and nebulous Windows 11 has leaked online, with footage revealing a new, more-simplified user interface, start menu, acoustics and much more. The Verge writes that the new operating system features a UI very similar...
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Latest News

How is technology revolutionizing payment reconciliation for retailers?

As retailers expand into mid-market and beyond, the manual reconciliation of payments becomes increasingly complex and costly. With hundreds...
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