Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Be Careful of These 5 WhatsApp Hoaxes Trending in Nigeria

WhatsApp is a breeding ground for scams and fake news that has gone viral, and while the Facebook-owned chat platform says it tries its best to scour these from its service, many still seep through. “We work diligently to reduce...

MTN Subscribers Can Now Make Payments Via WhatsApp

MTN has joined forces with Ozow so that subscribers can purchase data and airtime directly through WhatsApp - an industry-first in South Africa. “Giving customers the ability to transact seamlessly on WhatsApp is a gamechanger in South Africa. It provides a...

Facebook Pay: a game-changer for payments, brands and social media

The launch of Facebook’s unified Facebook Pay system across its entire family of messaging apps hasn’t just created the world’s biggest payment platform - it’s taken the existing payment universe and turned it on its head, with huge ramifications...
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Elevate Your Mobile Experience with AI-Powered Self-Service

Piceasoft has expanded its Picea® Online mobile circularity platform with AI-supported self-service device diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities. Currently piloting these new...
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