Thursday, June 13, 2024
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undersea cables

Massive Undersea Mudslide Caused Internet Outages Across Africa

A recent study conducted by Professor Peter J. Talling and a team from the Departments of Earth Sciences and Geography, from the University of Durham in the UK, co-led by Angola Cables and supported by the Vodafone Group, British...

Advancing Digitalisation In Africa

Angola Cables, a multinational telecommunications company, announced today that construction has begun on its South American data centre, located in Fortaleza, Brazil. The data-center will advance the use of subsea internet cables connecting Africa to the Americas, whilst providing...

Unified communication defines a connected world

The increase in application of unified communication locally and internationally reminds us that we are firmly on track towards a truly connected world. Centralising voice, video and data onto a single platform and the ability to access all communication...
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AI’s Impact on Ransomware Threats: Hype vs Reality

It might be the great paradox of 2024: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everyone’s bored of hearing it but can’t stop...
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