Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Twitter anti-misinformation effort

Kenyan Man Arrested for Posting “Misleading and Alarming” Coronavirus Information

In the wake of coronavirus outbreaks across Africa, a Kenyan man has been charged with spreading misleading and alarming information - essentially fake news - on social media. Taking to Twitter, 23-year-old Elijah Muthui Kitonyo published a tweet where he...

Twitter tests manipulated media policy on ‘harmfully misleading’ tweets

Twitter is playing with the idea of labelling tweets from public figures, including politicians, that contain misinformation or misleading content, according to leaked demos from NBC News. The demos show how misleading or untrue tweets are highlighted with an orange label...
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SA Elections 2024, Social Media, Polls, Final Countdown

Social Media Social Media is a concern in South Africa's NPE- National Provincial Elections 2024. This is according to the...
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