Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Twiga Foods

3 Important Reasons for African SMEs to Revise their Business Models Post-COVID

For every company, innovation is tremendously important, but in many cases, innovation is only associated with new products or technical renewals. However, business model innovations can be significantly more profitable, and current pandemic-driven changes in customer behaviour and technological innovations...

5 Most Innovative startups in Kenya

Kenya has positioned itself as one of the most prominent startup destinations in Africa. With the rise of innovation hubs and accelerator programs in Kenya, there has been great growth for entrepreneurs with over 600 hundred start-ups in the country. Access...

Blockchain-based microfinancing for food kiosk owners in Kenya

IBM Research and Twiga Foods, a business-to-business logistics platform for kiosks and food stalls in Africa, announced that they have extended access to microloans to 220 food stall retailers across Kenya using a blockchain-based financing system. Twiga Foods was looking...
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What Internet Options Are Available on a Cruise Trip

Staying connected to the internet all the time has become the need of many people around the globe. While...
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