Thursday, June 13, 2024
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TT100 Awards 2019

tt100 Awards Interview: Aizatron

Aizatron is an emerging technology fusion company embracing open standards for the fusion of electronic technologies (IOT) with Information technologies to provide digital solutions for a future Southern Africa. The company won two awards at the recent tt100 2019 awards...

tt100 Awards Interview: Globaltrack

Fleet management service provider, Globaltrack has been operating for more than 18 years. It is in the business of knowing and empowering its clients with the knowledge to ensure that they make the most informed and cost-effective decisions in...

tt100 Awards Interview: Public Display Technologies

Public Display Technologies (PDT) is a South African tech-communications company. When it was first founded in 2003, PDT focused on digital display applications in the Corporate, Retail, Mining and Industrial sectors. Fast-forward more than a decade later and PDT has...
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Latest News

Don’t Fall Victim: 5 Tips to Avoid Tap-to-Pay Scams

The alarming rise in tap-to-pay scams that are plaguing South Africa. A recent report from the South African Banking...
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