Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Nigerian anti-mobile theft solution unveiled

Lagos-based technology firm TracknShield Limited has developed an anti-theft solution to tackle mobile phone theft in Nigeria. According to TracknShield Limited Managing Director, Abu Grema, the application is easy-to-use and it will combat mobile phone theft and offers the possibility...

FNB focuses on mobile banking growth in Africa

First National Bank, one of SA’s leading banks, firmly believes that mobile money and mobile banking are increasingly proving to be the ideal channels to access cash in Africa, as FNB is experiencing growth in its African subsidiaries. Cellphone Banking in...

BlackBerry apps help manage finances

BlackBerry’s smartphone range of tools and applications can function as a personal assistant in tracking spending, storing payment details or monitoring transactions. Personal Assistant monitors banking, credit card transactions and investment accounts. It can also track phone minutes, see...
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How Much Data Does Streaming Use?

Video streaming is the next big thing in the entertainment business. More consumers are developing a preference for streaming...
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