Monday, April 22, 2024
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AFDB invests $66m in West African fibre optic cable

The African Development Bank (AFDB) board has approved an investment of $66 million for the development of the Main One submarine fiber optic cable project along the West African coast. The Bank previously invested in the East African "EaSSy"...

SAP buys telecoms billing company

Business software provider SAP has announced a deal which sees the company acquire real-time billing solutions provider, Highdeal. SAP said the deal was of strategic importance, because survival in the present economy depends in the introduction of innovative new services,...

Botswana telecoms growth nears Nigeria, SA

BOTSWANA telecommunications sector is this year poised to record growth that could place it ahead of powerhouses South Africa and Nigeria in teledensity. Teledensity is a metric that has been used to provide international network comparisons, which measures the number...
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Using AI for First Job Opportunities for South African Youth

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools such as Google's AI model and Gemini serve as the ultimate career companion, guiding graduates...
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