Monday, July 22, 2024
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Takatso Consortium Owner

Mango Airlines Placed Under Business Rescue as Bankruptcy Looms

Mango Airlines, a low-cost subsidiary of South African Airways (SSA), is set to be placed under business rescue in order to protect itself from bankruptcy, says interim CEO of SAA, Thomas Kgokolo. “The board and shareholders have agreed Mango will...

Around 290 SAA Pilots May Be Retrenched Following New Deal

Members of the South African Airways Pilots Association (SAAPA) is set to vote on a new agreement with South African Airways (SAA), which, if accepted, could end all current disputes with the airline. Including an ongoing strike. According to SAAPA,...

SA Government Loses Majority Stake in South African Airways

The South African government has lost the majority stake of its ailing airline, South African Airways (SAA) through a deal with its new strategic partner Takatso Consortium. Public Enterprise Minister Pravin Gordhan has announced the news that the government has...
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Sports Event Wireless Network Lessons Aid Companies

Sports stadiums and arenas require reliable connectivity to support thousands of concurrent users during events. High-density, secure wireless networks...
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