Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Stage 2 Load Shedding Eskom

Stage 2 Load-shedding to Remain Until Wednesday, Eskom Confirms

Eskom, a South African electricity public utility, announced it will implement another load-shedding on Tuesday afternoon at 5 pm, which will remain until Wednesday at 5 am. This announcement comes after the electricity utility implemented load-shedding on Monday evening after...

Stage 2 Load Shedding in SA – Why & For How Long?

South Africa's embattled power utility Eskom has announced a new round of rotational load shedding for the country. Why is Load Shedding Back? An initial announcement was made Monday afternoon, where Eskom said it would have to implement rotational load shedding...

Stage 2 Load Shedding Just Announced for South Africa – But For How Long?

Eskom has announced that load shedding will be implemented in South Africa from 14:00 today until 05:00 on Saturday. The embattled power utility had yesterday warned South Africans that load shedding was back on the cards after a brief period...
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