Thursday, June 13, 2024
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South African Cybersecurity

Cyber Insurance: A Growing Demand for All Companies?

The advancement of connectivity in light of the digital revolution has radically transformed our lives and brought unprecedented benefits to companies in the way they operate and do business. However, digitalization is a double-edged sword and comes with risks as...

5 Crucial Things You Need to Do When You Receive A Phishing Email

You may not even notice when you receive one, most suspicious emails are automatically sorted to spam by your email service - though, a few may slip through the cracks, and one or two may even be authentic enough...

Security Flaw in Health Startup Exposed User Accounts and Medical Information

LogBox, a South African medical data startup that claims it is an "absolutely secure" way to replace paper forms and documentation in sharing patient data with doctors, has allegedly exposed user accounts and sensitive patient data following a lapse...
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Latest News

African Development Bank Names New Deputy Director General

The African Development Bank has named Léandre Bassole as Deputy Director General for the East African Region, effective June...
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