Monday, June 24, 2024
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Downgrading your IT security is false budgeting warns Intel’s Coetzee

It is often instinctive for business managers to look for means of cost-cutting in times of economic downturn or uncertainty, but downgrading your security solutions is a false economy that may cost business much more in the long run,...

Commercial security: it’s all about integration these days

Owners and operators of commercial facilities are no longer looking for individual security solutions. Today they want a package that offers all the aspects of security they need. Whether a property is owner-occupied or tenant-occupied, providing the most efficient...

Spearphishing – the prelude to bigger things

Spearphishing can be the start of a bigger attack and difficult to defend against, but by encouraging customers to employ robust security training and policies MSPs can help companies become more secure, says Ian Trump. While we’ve become very effective...
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Tech Soft 3D Welcomes New Chief Financial Officer

Tech Soft 3D announces the appointment of Cecile Quillard as its new Chief Financial Officer. Reporting directly to CEO Ron...
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