Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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solar system

Absa Powers Up: Partnering for Sustainable Energy at Bizweni Campus

Absa has partnered with its employees and Sun Exchange, the global solar leasing platform, to finance a solar-with-battery system for Bizweni Campus. The 29 kW solar plus 44 kWh battery project, now providing clean and uninterrupted electricity, supports a range...

Elon Musk’s space Roadster just passed Mars

In February 2018, Elon Musk’s private space company, SpaceX, blasted his original Tesla Roadster into space which was crewed by Starman, a mannequin in an astronaut suit. Fast forward to November 2018, SpaceX announced that Starman, the Tesla space Roadster's...

NASA counts down to launch of first spacecraft to ‘touch Sun’

NASA has begun the count down to the launch of a $1.5 billion spacecraft that aims to plunge into the Sun's sizzling atmosphere and become humanity's first mission to explore a star. The car-sized Parker Solar Probe is scheduled to...
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SAS Unveils Advanced AI for Life Sciences & Healthcare Sector

SAS Clinical Acceleration Repository is a secure, cloud-native data repository designed to drive innovation in life sciences and healthcare...
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