Friday, June 14, 2024
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All the Changes Facebook is Making to Your Feeds

Facebook says that it will make changes to News Feeds on the platform, adding a Feeds tab that will only show users content from friends and pages that they follow, without suggested content. “One of the most requested features for...

Mental Health Investigation Launched Against TikTok

US Attorney General Rob Bonta announced on Wednesday that TikTok is under investigation by the US government for allegedly promoting the app to youth while knowing that the use of the app could be harmful to the same youth. According...

Social media network Wangu launches in Zimbabwe

According to a report by The Herald, Zimbabwe now has its own dedicated social media network. The report reveals that social media website "Wangu" functions similarly to popular social networks like Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. According to the report, globally...
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Why is Closing The Cybersecurity Gender Gap Critical?

2024 signifies a seminal moment in South African history. Not only does it mark three decades since the first...
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