Thursday, February 22, 2024
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smart education

South Africa: Green Smart Centre turns sun energy into education solutions

Education is key to economic growth and a country’s economic performance is directly linked to the skills of its workforce and the quality of its education system. Skills shortages and challenges in delivering quality education in rural areas in...

School in a box: How business is lending a hand in education

With technology being a central part of our 21st century lives, it’s essential that it is integrated into education. Students today have grown up with the intuition to swipe a smart phone or tablet screen, so bringing this technology...

Can technology in classrooms make every child smart?

Over 500 educators, school leaders and government officials from 40 countries across the Middle East and Africa gathered at Dubai’s Grand Hyatt Hotel for two days to brainstorm on how technology can augment the quality of education in developing...
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Enhancing IoT Security with a Cyber Immune Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) devices, ranging from wearables to smart home appliances, are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals for...
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