Friday, April 12, 2024
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Small to Medium Businesses

Most SMEs Are Owed Money – Here’s How Tech Can Help Them Get Paid

For small businesses, late payments can be the difference between surviving or failing. This is something that local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been grappling with for years prior to COVID-19. However, the ongoing pandemic has only exacerbated...

26% of SA SMBs Launched New Products During the Pandemic – Study

When the pandemic had just started in March 2020, developing new products was a way to respond to the uniquely challenging situation for 26% of small and medium companies surveyed in South Africa, according to a recent Kaspersky study. The...

Startups in SA Can Drive Growth in the Battered Economy

The GEM SA report – titled Igniting startups for economic growth and social change – contains the facts, data and figures that highlight trends in entrepreneurship in South Africa. The results of the study reveal the fundamentals to consider...
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Latest News

E- Tolls Dead, Tech lives on

E-Tolls Officially Abolished: South Africa E-tolls in Gauteng, South Africa are now officially gone. Last night at 12am all systems...
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