Thursday, May 23, 2024
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small and medium-sized businesses

Google’s 2024 Hustle Academy Cohort Opens for SMB Growth

Google announced the opening of applications for the 2024 cohort of its Hustle Academy, a program dedicated to accelerating the growth of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Sub-Saharan Africa. The program introduces a significant upgrade: business-focused AI training...

New Phishing Scams Targeting Small Businesses

Kaspersky has uncovered a new phishing campaign aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, which exploits the email service provider SendGrid. This attack utilizes stolen credentials to access client mailing lists, allowing cybercriminals to send out convincing phishing emails that...
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Latest News

‘Six Signs You’re Reading AI-Generated Text’

Managing Partner, Instinctif Partners, Kim Polley, says, "In the digital age, the ability to differentiate between human-authored and AI-generated...
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