Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy SIII Samsung’s most successful phone yet

Electronics maker Samsung revealed that their recently-launched Galaxy SIII smartphone has become the company’s most successful mobile handset to date. The device managed to sell over 20-million units in its first 100 days of availability. While its predecessor, the Samsung...

Phablets to ship 208 million by 2015

More than 208 million phablets, a hybrid device that is larger than a smartphone but smaller than a tablet, like the Samsung Galaxy Note, will be shipped globally in 2015. Despite the slow start for phablet smartphones in 2011, the...

Samsung launches Galaxy Note in SA

Samsung has announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note, a new category of product. It is a hybrid device that combines core on-the-go benefits of various mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability, to create a whole new user experience....
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Enhancing IoT Security with a Cyber Immune Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) devices, ranging from wearables to smart home appliances, are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals for...
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