Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Saints Row: The Third

Review: Saints Row IV

The Saints Row franchise has always been somewhat tricky to categorise. It is serious whilst trying to be funny, and it is silly but tries to come across as serious. As a result, the game really falls somewhere in the middle. Just to add...

Review: Saints Row The Third

To squeeze open-world action game Saints Row 3 into a category is a bit difficult, as there is really no other game on the market that produces so much time-consuming fun, while being utterly pointless. The best that the title...

Get Saints Row 2 for free on PS3

THQ and PlayStation have unveiled additional content for Saints Row: The Third owners on PS3. For all players that purchase Saints Row: The Third on PlayStation 3 and redeem their online pass codes within the next 90 days, they...
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One of the primary objectives of a company's Chief Financial Officer is to ensure that audits throughout the business...
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