Tuesday, March 5, 2024
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Safaricom Data Centre

Tower Sharing Deal in the Works Between Safaricom & Ethio Telecom

Safaricom has reportedly begun negotiations on a new infrastructure sharing deal with Ethiopian rival and state-owned entity Ethio Telecom. This comes as the Kenyan telecom company and its consortium of investors prepare a much-anticipated launch in the Horn of...

Safaricom Builds Ethiopian Data Centre Worth $100M With 2 More on the Way

2 years after the Kenyan telecom powerhouse made its initial foray into Ethiopia's virtually untapped mobile and internet space, Safaricom is finally ready to begin commercial operations in the Horn of Africa country having set its launch date for...
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Limpopo Embraces Digital Connectivity with New Solar Community Hub

Dell Technologies in partnership with Utelize Mobile, SITA South Africa, Computer Aid International, and Amandla Community Projects, has launched...
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