Saturday, July 13, 2024
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AI: The Rise Beyond Physical Boundaries

It has long been recognized that AI can achieve a higher level of performance than humans in various games - but until now, physical skill remained the ultimate human prerogative. This is no longer the case. An AI technique known...

Your future doctor may be a robot – this is the rise of AI in medicine

A new kind of doctor has entered the exam room, but doesn’t have a name. In fact, these doctors don’t even have faces. Artificial intelligence has made its way into hospitals around the world. However, according to an NHS report...

Robot Sophia talks about Industry 4.0 in Vietnam

Sophia, renowned globally as the world’s first robot citizen, hogged all the limelight as she took the stage at an international event in Hanoi on Friday, as part of her first-ever visit to Vietnam. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered humanoid robot,...
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Huawei’s IP Service Partner of the Year: Africa Connect 2024

In2IT Technologies, a prominent global IT services and consulting firm focused on providing IT Consultancy, Application Development and Maintenance,...
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