Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Rapelang Rabana

Rapelang Rabana to join BCX as Chief Digital Officer

BCX has revealed that it has appointed Rapelang Rabana as the Chief Digital Officer. Rapelang will fill, what the company calls, a pivotal role for the South African technology company as it seeks to further enable disruptive, innovative technology....

Is VoIP Africa’s future communication platform?

VoiceSA 2011, a next generation telecommunications conference was held today at the Bytes Technology Business Park, Midrand, Johannesburg in South Africa. VoiceSA brings together industry players within the voice industry and covers the latest developments in business communication solutions and...
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Plan Ahead with Bolt: Book Your Ride In Advance

Bolt has launched its 'Scheduled Rides' feature allowing users to book rides up to 72 hours in advance. This feature...
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