Saturday, April 13, 2024
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PublicSec 2024

Fortifying #PublicSec 2024 BeyondTrust’s Silver Sponsorship

BeyondTrust proudly announces its silver sponsorship of Public SEC 2024, an esteemed Public Sector Cybersecurity event hosted by IT News Africa. This partnership highlights BeyondTrust's dedication to fortifying cybersecurity resilience within the public sector. As a silver sponsor, BeyondTrust contributes...

Connect, Network and Innovate: Become a Sponsor at PublicSec 2024!

Cybersecurity emerges as one of the paramount challenges confronting the public sector today. With cyberattacks growing in frequency and sophistication, public sector organizations and state-owned enterprises must adopt proactive and resilient strategies to safeguard their data, infrastructure, and service...
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Latest News

How Are Smart Contracts Transforming Financial Transactions?

In the dynamic landscape of financial technology, smart contracts emerge as a transformative force. These self-executing contracts, with terms...
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