Wednesday, February 21, 2024
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8 Ways Edge Computing Can Future-Proof Your Business

Adopting edge computing is the next important step in future-proofing your infrastructure. By moving data processing towards the ‘edge’, you bring real-time decision-making to where it’s needed. This supports whatever capabilities will be critical tomorrow, from the Internet of Things...

Implementing Security Best Practices to Maintain Integrity at the Edge

Industry 4.0, IIoT, and smart manufacturing are all buzzwords that we’ve been talking about for years. Many of us have had visions of factory floors run by futuristic robots and drones reminiscent of SciFi movies like iRobot. Well, it seems...

OT Security – Everything You Need To Know

Most enterprises know that cyberattacks in the information security realm are continuously growing in sophistication, severity and number. However, up until now, many organisations that run plants, factories, pipelines and other infrastructure have paid less attention to the threats...
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Latest News

Cisco, Microsoft & Samsung Introduce Advanced Hybrid Meeting Solutions

During Integrated Systems Europe 2024, Cisco & Microsoft Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. unveiled cutting-edge meeting room solutions...
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