Thursday, July 18, 2024
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South African e-commerce website to compete with ‘brick and mortar’ retail sector

Attention all shoppers, attention all shoppers! Please find the latest specials on our landing page, note that our 'express' checkout has no maximum item limit and our friendly search bar will be happy to help you locate anything you...

Facebook apps offer more than just marketing

Facebook applications are a keen focus area for companies that want to extend their reach. But what many don’t realise, this early on in the development of the social phenomenon, is that it is not just about marketing or publicity. Companies...

Google to start online store for business software?

Google plans to enter the online store market by selling business software developed by other companies. Although plans to develop a Google online store are not public yet, it is very probable that Google will unveil its next move in...
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Novus Holdings Invests R55 Million in AI Innovation Company

Novus Holdings has invested R55 million in Bytefuse, an AI company, to enhance its enterprise-scale solutions. Maski, an AI-powered tutoring...
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