Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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New Vaccine

COVID-19 Vaccine Backed by Bill and Melinda Gates Enters Human Trials

The world continues to reel from the impact of the novel coronavirus - a massive, spanning crisis that is meeting almost all aspects of our lives in some capacity. Economies stutter, businesses suffer, and human lives are lost. Amidst the...

A Coronavirus Vaccine is being Tested on Humans, but when will it be Ready?

Around the world, about 35 companies and institutions are racing to craft the much-needed vaccine for COVID-19, and The Guardian reports, that at least four of them have candidates ready for human trials. At the forefront of these candidates is...
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Latest News

Innovative AI Partnership Transforms Healthcare Technology

BroadReach Group and BAO Systems- a US-based health IT organization, have signed a collaboration agreement that will expand how...
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