Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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National Identification Number (NIN)

Nigerian Government to Train 200,000 Public Servants for eGovernment Initiative

The Federal Government of Nigeria is planning to collaborate with the Korean government to train 200,000 civil servants on the eGovernment initiative within the next five years for the rapid advancement of the plan for a paperless government by...

MTN Nigeria Says it Supports Government’s New SIM Registration Rules

MTN, the multinational mobile telecommunications company, reassured its Nigerian investors on Wednesday that the country's SIM registration rules will not have a huge impact on its finances. This comes after the Federal Government ordered all telecommunication operators to bar all...

Telcos Bar 75-Million Unlinked SIMs in Nigeria

On Monday, telecommunication companies in Nigeria heeded the Federal Government’s command to bar every unlinked Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card without National Identification Number (NIN) on their various networks, in a bid to control insecurity, extortions, and abductions. According to...
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Latest News

Innovative AI Partnership Transforms Healthcare Technology

BroadReach Group and BAO Systems- a US-based health IT organization, have signed a collaboration agreement that will expand how...
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