Friday, April 12, 2024
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Mobile Loan Products

Telkom Kenya is Planning a Loan Product on T-Kash

Telkom Kenya is reportedly planning on introducing a credit product called T-Kash Loan. According to Techweez, the product has not been activated yet but the company has indicated on the T-Kash app that it is "coming soon." T-Kash is a...

Safaricom Launches Shari’ah-Compliant Mobile Loans

Safaricom has partnered with Gulf African Bank to launch a Shari'ah-compliant mobile financial service, Helal Pesa, in Kenya. According to Tech Weez, the product is the first Shari'ah-compliant mobile and digital solution in the East African country. Customers accessing financing through...
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Latest News

Boosting Financial Institutions data resilience with AI

Data centers play a vital role for banks and financial institutions by providing dependable and swift connectivity and processing...
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