Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Review: Medal of Honor Warfighter

Electronic Arts has released their much-awaited follow-up to their recent reboot of Medal of Honor, but how does it stack up against it? While on the surface the title might seem like a good enough game, it suffers from...

Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer coming in October

Danger Close Games, a studio of Electronic Arts, has announced that it is offering players an open multiplayer beta worldwide for Medal of Honor Warfighter. In this innovative multiplayer design, the most elite soldiers from 10 different nations go...

Top 10 games we simply can’t wait for

The tail-end of 2012 will be one of the busiest times for video game players as a plethora of exciting titles will make their way onto the market. While the majority of them are sequels of some kind, it does not detract from...
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Youth Month Centre Tour 2024: Harambee

In honor of Youth Month, Harambee is excited to host a media tour at their center in Johannesburg, South...
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