Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Market Research

Microsoft Appoints New MD for Innovation Hub in Kenya

Microsoft African Development Centre (ADC) has announced Catherine Muraga as the new MD to lead 450 full-time employees working in areas such as software engineering, machine learning, data science, market research, and infrastructure. Muraga will be replacing Jack Ngare, who...

Top 5 Tech Sectors Expected to Explode in the Next 5 Years

Five key tech sectors will explode in usage, expected to enjoy a combined growth of more than 400% over the next five years, according to market reports. These innovation pacesetters – nanotechnology, AI, Digital Twins, genomics and other biotech life...

The importance of social media in market research

In today's digital world market research forms an important part of any marketing strategy. The rise of social media has meant that campaigns which take into consideration and understand consumer habits are more likely to be effective. This is why Cape Town...
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Latest News

Securing Your Public Sector Organization from Cyber Attacks: A Proactive Approach

In an age where the digital landscape is constantly evolving, securing public sector organizations from cyber attacks is paramount....
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