Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines Placed Under Business Rescue as Bankruptcy Looms

Mango Airlines, a low-cost subsidiary of South African Airways (SSA), is set to be placed under business rescue in order to protect itself from bankruptcy, says interim CEO of SAA, Thomas Kgokolo. “The board and shareholders have agreed Mango will...

G-Connect Wi-Fi launched on SA’s Mango airline

Low cost airline Mango’s entire fleet, comprising six new-generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft, is now online. The last aircraft was fitted with the service last week and assumes service today. The G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi service has exceeded all expectations with over...

Mango gives market something technical to chew on

Low cost airline Mango becomes the first African airline to offer a near complete portfolio of products and services through its mobi-site and tablet applications. The functionality, available from 20 September, will make it possible for South Africans to...
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How Much Data Does Streaming Use?

Video streaming is the next big thing in the entertainment business. More consumers are developing a preference for streaming...
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