Friday, March 1, 2024
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Malware Nigeria

Mobile Malware Attacks Across Africa are on the Decline – Why It Isn’t a Good Thing

While analysing the threat landscape of African countries, Kaspersky experts saw a steady decline in attacks on mobile devices in the region, as cybercriminals consolidated their efforts to focus on more complicated, dangerous and profitable threats instead. These and...

The Mobile Malware Scourge Hits SA, Kenya & Nigeria

Internet security provider Kaspersky has blocked more than 206,000 mobile malware attacks across the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) region in just 6-months measured, between January to June 2021. Out of these attacks, a combined 30,000 originated from...

South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria Suffer 28 Million Malware Attacks

More than 28 million malware attacks have been recorded in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria so far this year, according to research from Kaspersky, as well as 102 million detections of 'grey zone' software or potentially unwanted programs (PUAs). PUAs...
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Introducing Veeam Data Cloud

Veeam® Software introduces Veeam Data Cloud, a new solution built on Microsoft Azure, blending the reliability of the top...
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