Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Malicious Android apps hits 10 million

By late January 2014, Kaspersky Lab had accumulated about 200,000 unique samples of mobile malware, up 34% from November 2013 – two months earlier over 148,000 samples had been recorded. Cyber-scammers are continuing to focus their attention on Android...

October spam – Santa, scams and sorcery

October saw spammers exploiting the themes of upcoming holidays, the names of well-known telecommunication service providers and the conflict in Syria. There were also offers of magical services – love spells and incantations. Meanwhile, a rise of 6.6 percentage...

780 new malicious software detected daily

Two thousand Trojan bankers are detected on unique users’ computers every day. That's according to Kaspersky Security Network data over the last three months. Kaspersky add 780 signatures daily for new malicious programs targetting private financial information. That is...
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ISPA’s Effective Mediation Process and Trust

Around 90% of disputes filed with ISPA- Internet Service Providers' Association by South African internet consumers find resolution through...
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