Monday, April 15, 2024
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LifeQ South Africa

ESET SA Adopts LifeQ’s COVID-19 Early Warning and Disease Tracking Solution

LifeQ, the leading independent provider of wearable derived health information, today announced the South African operations of ESET, a premier global cybersecurity company, to be the first customer for its COVID-19 early warning and disease tracking solution. With the...

Top 5 Most Trending Stories – Week in Review

As this week comes to a close we take a look at the stories that resonated most with our readers. The world is slowly settling into the new normal, and companies are starting to change accordingly. Google launched COVID-19 travel...
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Latest News

Welcome To A New Era of Music: Udio AI App

In the symphony of technological advancements, a new note has been struck with the launch of Udio, an AI-powered...
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