Monday, February 26, 2024
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The Shift to Remote Working Has Led to Bad Online Security Habits

More than 50% of IT teams believe that employees have bad security habits. Habits they’ve developed since moving their offices into the home and that put their information, systems and employers at risk. The statistic comes from the Tessian Back to...

Inside the Mind of Cybercriminals – How Threat Actors Think

Cybercriminals come in many different flavours, but the majority of them are in it for one thing: financial pay-off. They want the money that comes with offering their tools or services, selling stolen data, extortion like ransomware or plain fraud....

There are 577 Malware Attacks in South Africa Every Hour, Research Shows

The 2019 KnowBe4 African Report found that the continent is increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The report highlighted how vulnerable users were when it came to recognising cyber-threats and managing their risk profiles. In 2020, Accenture released a report entitled ‘Insight...
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How is technology revolutionizing payment reconciliation for retailers?

As retailers expand into mid-market and beyond, the manual reconciliation of payments becomes increasingly complex and costly. With hundreds...
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