Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Know your Customer (KYC)

Finding the Business Case for Blockchain

The distributed ledger system behind blockchain, the technology used to secure cryptocurrencies, ensures that all transactions are validated and, importantly, that an immutable record is kept of these transactions. This is essential for securing a digital currency, but it has...

Ukheshe and Infobip Launch the First WhatsApp Payment Gateway in South Africa

Ukheshe has partnered with Infobip to launch South Africa's first WhatsApp payment gateway which allows Telkom customers to send money to anyone with a mobile number quickly and securely with no need for another app or any additional software. The project...
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Latest News

SA Elections 2024, Social Media, Polls, Final Countdown

Social Media Social Media is a concern in South Africa's NPE- National Provincial Elections 2024. This is according to the...
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