Friday, June 14, 2024
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IT organisations

Cloud Scope Grows but Reluctance Still Dominates

If Gartner is to be believed and only a mere 38% of enterprise IT organisations are using cloud services, there is undoubtedly continued concern regarding cloud usage. Andrew Cruise, managing director, Routed, a vendor neutral cloud hosting platform provider, says...

Driving differentiation and innovation through software

Today’s business world is increasingly high velocity and software driven. Sooner or later, these two realities will push companies to rethink their potential and reinvent themselves. While some aspects of technology are moving with incredible speed – social, mobile,...

Global business leaders expect their IT organisations to do more

­ Global business leaders expect their IT organisations to realise measurable business and competitive advantages from technology transformation reveals a new study from the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, an international executive change advocacy group. The latest research ­ part of...
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Why is Closing The Cybersecurity Gender Gap Critical?

2024 signifies a seminal moment in South African history. Not only does it mark three decades since the first...
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