Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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iot innovation

The ubiquity of IoT in design

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a wave that impacts all “verticals” and “horizontals” of the digital evolution and organisations who deliver design and manufacturing services in this hazy matrix are not spared the change. It is being ignited...

The Internet of Things is not as complicated as it sounds

Ah, the Internet of Things. It’s the topic on everyone’s lips – the buzzword of the year. It promises to transform the way we live and work, to free us from mundane tasks, and create entirely new jobs in...

Video Interview: Matthew Blewett, Business Connexion, discusses IoT in Africa

Matthew Blewett started by consulting to Business Connexion on the formulation and initiation of the revitalisation programme, as a member of the Programme-1 team for a year prior to re-joining the group in September 2008. He re-joined the company in...
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Latest News

Social Media Erupts Over Miss SA Contestant’s Nationality

The Miss South Africa (Miss SA) contest has always been a celebration of beauty, intelligence, and cultural diversity. However,...
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