Friday, April 12, 2024
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IoT Healthcare

Angola & Nigeria to Benefit from These New IoT-Enabled Healthcare Programmes

Telecom26 today announced that it has been appointed by its long-term customer, SystemOne, to provide connectivity to new healthcare clinics across Angola and Nigeria. The two companies are already working together in Ghana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe where SystemOne has tested more...

IoT is One of Medicine’s Biggest Tools – Also Its Weakest Security Link

Healthcare has always been on the cutting edge, with hospitals and healthcare providers typically quick to embrace any innovation that will translate into better, more efficient, more affordable care. From microscopic pill cameras and implantable devices to laser surgery and...

New IoT System Could Detect Future Virus Outbreaks

IoT sensors that monitor body temperature in real-time and are implemented at a large scale could provide geolocation data that would allow potential quarantine areas to be rapidly identified. Through this, the idea is to shut down emerging viruses...
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Latest News

Key factors that drive Mobile Financial services’ growth

The current situation for telcos is a tricky one – they face a market where traditional revenues are declining,...
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